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According to recent research carried out by Rightmove and reported by the BBC Epsom is the seventh happiest place to live in the UK. Here at Oakton we couldn’t agree more and given that 80% of the Oakton team live in Epsom we thought we would ask them what makes them happy about living in Epsom.

Ruth said:
“ What makes me Happy about living in Epsom? Oh that’s very easy – Epsom and Ashtead Common: I have been walking on the Common over 15 years, firstly when my two boys were little – they loved climbing the trees, hiding in the bracken and cycling full speed down the hills ( time is a wonderful thing as the moaning about getting back up the hills, which are barely hills at all, has almost faded from memory)
I now walk the dogs there every day and love that I can still discover new things, only today on a beautiful Autumn morning I came across a pond I had not seen before (Flag Pond) The dogs were very happy!
The other thing that makes me really happy is that I think we have the best TKMaxx in the country, and trust me I have been to a few!!
Finally, Bill’s Restaurant in Epsom has the loveliest staff I have come across, although I have never been to any other Bills restaurants so perhaps they love good customer service as much as we at Oakton do! “

Stan said:

“What I like most about living in Epsom is the ease of access into central London, with regular trains going to Waterloo, Victoria and London Bridge. Also the ease of any routes by road, via the M25 and the A3 going south, west and North of the country. Getting to Heathrow or Gatwick is so quick and easy, Heathrow is only 40 minutes by road and Gatwick is only 30 minutes.”

Celia said:
“ I have lived in Epsom for nearly 30 years and I like living here mainly for lots of reasons:
Epsom’s large open spaces, particularly Epsom Common, Horton Country park and the Downs, with easy access on foot. There are large Conservation areas which add to the general impression of “greenness” in the borough. The topography means that the Downs offer fabulous views over most of London, as far as Canary Wharf and Hampton Heath on a clear day.
Epsom has a reasonable shopping centre with the main retailers such as M&S, Boots, Waitrose, Wilkinsons and TK Maxx all represented and a good selection of restaurants and coffee places all within walking distance. There is a vibrant market place with various stalls and a monthly farmers market.
Epsom also has a very good choice of state and private schools. Ease of access to the Cinema, the Playhouse theatre and the Rainbow centre leisure centre and swimming pool is perfect for families.
The residents of Epsom generally appear to be happy and friendly. It is not uncommon for people to smile and say “Good Morning” when walking down into town.
I like to think that for its proximity to central London, with the prevailing south west wind, air pollution is lower than for instance towns to the north and east of London, which all helps to us leading a healthy lifestyle here in Epsom.”

Kasia and Artek said:
“Living in Epsom makes me happy because I feel safe and secure in this area. The crime rate is low which is very reassuring.
People in Epsom are friendly and it was easy to make friends when we moved here.
As a family we love Epsom Common for long family walks, picnics and bike rides. There are great places in Epsom to get out and get some fresh air with our daughter.
Schools were important when we came to live here and we are delighted with the choice of Primary schools. Our daughter loves her school and is happy to go there every morning. As she gets older its reassuring to know that Epsom’s secondary schools are also fantastic.
Epsom is so accessible to other parts of Surrey and other parts of England, Artek loves to take off on his motorbike and discover other places nearby”

And Finally the reasons why Suzy is happy living in Epsom are:
“I’ve lived in Epsom for 16 years moving from Bow in East London 8 and a half months pregnant with my first child! So its safe to say my focus when moving to this lovely town was baby groups, nurseries and schools.
I met a fantastic group of friends through antenatal classes and toddler groups which there is an abundance of in Epsom. 16 years on we are still friends and negotiating and supporting each other through the teen years like we did for each other in the baby years!
Schooling choices has always been a stress free happy experience given the fantastic schools we have in Epsom. I would have happily sent my boys to any of Epsom’s super primary schools and when it came to secondary options I let them choose between the all boys school or the co educational school. They chose the school they felt happiest at, I realise that this isn’t a choice that many parents in other parts of the country are lucky enough to do.
Other areas of Epsom living that have made me happy to live here are the abundance of outdoor space on our door step with areas like Epsom common, Horton Country Park, Ashtead Common and Epsom downs as well as places like Box Hill, Leith Hill and Ranmore common a short drive away. We are spoilt for choice when it comes to family bike rides or Sunday walks.
Friendly local pubs with my favourite being the Jolly Coopers and The Rifleman and now the recently opened Grumpy Mole at The Amato make for happy childfree time!”