As a parent one of the most important decisions you make for your child is where they go to school. If a child is in an environment in which they are happy and content they will naturally thrive and effortlessly achieve their full potential.

Schools these days are, thankfully, trying to focus not just on a child’s academic achievement but on their all round achievement. Teaching each child values, acceptance, assertiveness and independence are amongst many areas that schools are steering towards in order to give their pupils a well -rounded education.

Ofsted reports are a helpful guide for parents when making the big decision of what school their child should attend. The Ofsted report of a school will not only look at the academic results of the school but also at the pupil’s development and wellbeing, the quality of the teaching and learning as well as the care, guidance and support the school provides for the pupils. A school with an Outstanding Ofsted report will be exceeding the requirements expected by the Ofsted inspector in all of these areas as well as in the school’s achievements and standards, how they are teaching the curriculum to their pupils and how well the leadership team is managing the school.

So the question remains…..“How lucky are the parents of Epsom?”

The answer lies in the calibre of the local schools. With all primary schools in Epsom achieving an Outstanding or Good report and 3 of the 4 state secondary schools in Epsom also achieving an Outstanding or Good report from Ofsted, parents living in the Epsom area have a choice that many parents in other parts of the country don’t get.

When attending the various schools open evenings, which take place in the Autumn term for Primary schools and the Autumn and Summer terms for secondary schools, you realise that they all have a different feel and a different vibe. Being able to allow your child to choose the school where they feel most comfortable in the knowledge that whichever school they choose, it is a school that that is doing well and that is very reassuring for any parent.

Epsom Primary schools

  • Stamford Green Primary School – Outstanding Ofsted
  • St Josephs RC Primary School – Outstanding Ofsted
  • St Martins CofE Infant school – Outstanding Ofsted
  • St Martins Junior school – Good Ofsted
  • Epsom Primary School – Good Ofsted
  • Southfields Park Primary School – Outstanding Ofsted

Epsom Secondary Schools

  • Rosebery School for Girls – Outstanding Ofsted
  • Glyn School for Boys – Outstanding Ofsted
  • St Andrews RC School – Outstanding Ofsted
  • Epsom and Ewell High School – Good Ofsted

If a private school education is the direction you choose to go then Epsom is also surrounded by reputable and well respected private schools.

Epsom Private/Independent schools

  • Downsend School
  • Kingswood House
  • St Christopher’s
  • Ewell Castle
  • Epsom College
  • City of London Freemans

When Oakton Developments set about researching areas for their next development, local school performances was one aspect they looked into. As an Epsom based firm they were both surprised, and delighted to discover the majority of both primary and secondary schools in Epsom and Ashtead were highly commended, achieving ‘Outstanding’ in their Ofsted reports.

Oakton Developments understand that living in the catchment area of good schools is extremely important, appreciating that although family homes are much sought after, they can be very difficult to find close to good schools.

So working closely with the local community, they uncovered an idyllic, unobtrusive location sandwiched between Epsom and Ashtead on the fringe of both commons. Henrietta Place is a stunning development of six detached family homes, presenting the perfect balance of town and country living, with acres of countryside, a vibrant and bustling town centre yet walking distance from Epsom’s rail station, operating direct routes into London’s main terminals.

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